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    this gif is very necessary 

  • fun.'s music videos

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    Lena Dunham: “In a bold move that made him a sudden hero to dogs everywhere, he chewed his own leash in half (and then in half again)” (

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    get to know me meme || [3/5] male characters : dylan massett

    "I can’t put this behind me! It’s me!"

  • how did i end up here?

  • what are the lyrics in andrew and nate's songs that talk about each other?


    Andrew has said Synesthesia was inspired by fun. here is a clip but he’s talked about it many places more than that. The lyric “my friends are in the news collecting trophies for the songs they wrote when we lived in the shadow of the moon” is pretty obvious.

    In Take Your Time Coming Home “of everyone who called, very few said we believe in you.”/”I’ve got friends who took my call, came courageous.” After singing that line at a Jack’s Mannequin show, Nate dedicated the song to Andrew: video. There’s also that blog post about how Andrew was the one to call to ask fun. on their first tour: link. In a seperate interview I can’t find, Andrew said he heard only one fun. demo before he asked them on tour cause that’s all he needed to hear to know they were good.  I think on a Reddit AMA Andrew also said him and Nate had many phone calls when the Format broke up.

    Those two are really close so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more  lyrics that were inspired by each other.

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    Life Hack: when you’re in the car with your family put on your headphones without playing music and see who says what when they think you can’t hear them

    i always do it. also when i walk behind somehone interesting

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